General directions in online learning

Since its beginnings, e-learning has always been an area where technology can thrive and improve upon an already progressive area of learning. With the help of laptops, tablets and smartphones, the area of e-learning has never looked so promising, so before the new school year begins, let’s look at the top 3 new structure and ideas to look out for in e-learning platforms this semester.

  1. Cloud based technologies
    As Cloud based technologies become more and more popular, many businesses and organisations are starting to see the benefits of using this technology to train their students and employees. Thanks to its accessibility, security and cost-saving properties, the Cloud is the obvious choice for businesses looking to remotely transfer content and collaborate with colleagues online.
  1. Mobile learning
    With the ability to learn from absolutely anywhere, mobile learning or mLearning, is probably the fastest growing area of e-learning out there. Aside from the capacity to use your smartphone or mobile device to browse educational websites and use educational software, the mLearning platform is quickly beginning to encompass interactive aspects such as the phone’s accelerometer, compass, gps, camera and audio to make learning even more interesting and accessible.
  2. Gamification
    Having been on the e-learning horizon for a few years now, this year is proving to be bigger than ever when it comes to the gamification of learning. Making it much more fun to learn, and distancing itself from a more traditional style of lecture, gamification turns boring old tests into exciting new challenges that the learner can solve at their own pace.

E-learning is an exciting and innovative way for students of all types and abilities to learn, and in the coming years it is likely to become totally unrecognizable from what it is today, but until then, these are the key trends to look out for in the e-learning world.


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