Discovering on Mac OS X: vi -> vim

Ok, I admit it, I’ve only just now found out! Seems the vi terminal command on Mac OS X just points to vim anyway and always has done:

$ ls -l /usr/bin/vi
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  3  9 Nov  2015 /usr/bin/vi -> vim

I started using a Mac as my main machine for software development in 2009 and have mostly used one since. Given the number of times I have typed a completely redundant m multiplied by the number of years I have been doing it for makes for some frightening numbers.

As a very quick and rough calculation, I made a quick Python doodle estimating how many times I probably opened vim everyday in each year (trying to judge how heavily I might have typed vim per day each year based on role and environment etc.), here here is basic estimation:

Kind of simplistic and assuming:

  1. Approximation of per day opening frequency
  2. Coding 235 full days a year
    (based on: work days + some weekend days + some evenings – holiday days)

This, depressingly, outputs:

237350 seconds

Which is a lot of redundant key strokes! Assuming I type the command at rate of 80 wpm, according to this website this is a kph (keystroke per hour rate) of around 20,000.

This, even more depressingly, equates to :

11.9 hours

The equivalent of a long day wasted …to add to the many I’ve encountered as a Software Developer.


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